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Subject: Gorgeous bbw
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zoe666 2.07.08 - 09:38am
Im a gorgeous s*xy bbw n u men make me feel even s*xier especiali in bed check out my site tell me wot u think n add me mwah is it me or r more men c*min rnd 2 the idea that its ok 2 fancy a curvey woman n that ther gorgeous? *

shamsung 13.07.08 - 04:55am
if only all of us men realised wat we're missin out on!!!! ;-) *

nottzguy 28.07.09 - 08:30pm
lol zoe ive liked biga women ever since i went with my first 1 at 18 wow i must say the best s*x ever curvier biga women every time inbox me ladies x mwah *

buldawg 30.01.10 - 02:46am
Iv always like bigger women zoe cant get enough and the cuddles are better then from any size zero bimbo x *

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